Dil Pickle Press Presents a new edition of Might is Right
Might is Right
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In the future Dil Pickle Press will be releasing an exciting new edition of Might is Right. Our 2005 edition however has sold out. You may find copies for sale on amazon.com used, or on other websites.


Might is Right and Ragnar Redbeard Material

Dil Pickle Press is currently collecting and purchasing material including old editions of Might is Right published by the original Dil Pickle Press in Chicago. We are also looking for original articles, advertisements, newspaper clippings, or other material relating to Might is Right or Ragnar Redbeard from the author's era. Photocopies of original material will also be considered. We are also buying copies of Ragnar's Review, The Eagle and the Serpent, The Lion's Paw, Hard Cash, and other Redbeard related journals. Also wanted are copies of Rival Caesars by Desmond Dilg, or other books or materials published by Thurland and Thurland of Chicago. If you have any information about these publications or originals, or copies for sale, please contact us using the convenient form on our contact page.

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