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Below are letters and e-mails to Dil Pickle Press. You are invited to offer your comments, suggestions, criticisms, compliments and feedback by e-mailing us. We reserve the right to edit all letters for clarity, or for space. At the sender's request, we will not post names, e-mail addresses or other personal information.

I just received my order for the Conder edition of Might Is Right and after reading just a few pages was stunned by the scholarship and layout of this book. I have been a fan of MIR for years and have most of the other editions, and I will say that there is no comparison between them and your edition. As far as I am concerned it's a waste of money to buy any of the others, and a waste of time bothering to read them. From now on I will be recommending to everyone I meet the Conder edition and Dil Pickle Press. Please convey my message of congratulations to Mr. Conder for his excellent work!


I have just received a copy of your edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT and I am impressed by your editorial work --- finally I have an edition which is scientifically trustworthy. Definitely the most valuable for me is the introduction which consist information giving me some food for thought.



Thank you for the quick answer. A friend of mine has already bought the book so I have had the opportunity to see the wonderful work you have done. Congratulations, there's an incredible amount of information and footnotes and an amazing introduction with a great and interesting comparison between the various editions (and this is great because obviously I don't have all editions).

Best regards and again congratulations,


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